European Chain Mail Drop Earrings

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A system of 132, 3mm, stainless steel rings in a diamond formation form these European mail drop earrings. These intricate metal mesh earrings hang 4cm and end with a tiny, three link, Möbius knot. Anjo designs have taken inspiration from historical mail patterns and techniques to hand craft these elegant mail earrings. As a complex mesh of metal links, these earrings are a fascinating piece of jewellery that look fabulous when they catch the light. Examples of the 4-in-1 European mail pattern used for these earrings can be found at the Royal Armouries museum in Leeds, these include; the bishops mantle and mail armour shirts.

As with all handmade jewellery it is possible that each piece may differ slightly from the images shown. However, we can guarantee that every item has been precisely constructed with great care and attention to historical techniques and styles.

Using hot metal, usually iron or steel, a master craftsman and his apprentices would produce metal wire. This wire would be twisted around a rod and cut to produce all the tiny metal links that would then be assembled into a wearable piece of armour. Mail, is believed to be the earliest metal armour known to man, with evidence of its use from the Etruscan and Roman era.

Anjo Designs are a husband and wife partnership based on the Wirral who combine the traditional methods of mail with modern designs to create bespoke jewellery. Everything they produce is hand crafted with precision, taking reference from historic mail and traditional techniques. This is an exclusive piece made by Anjo for Royal Armouries and is inspired by our collection.

Complete the set and add these to your Bishops Mantle necklace and European Mail bracelet. Together, this would be an impressive and special set of unique jewellery with great historical context.


Anjo Designs
15th Century
Length:5.5cm, Width: 1.7cm
Stainless Steel
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Additional Notes:
Handmade in the UK and approved by Royal Armouries curators.