Japanese Chain Mail Weave Collar Necklace

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Taking inspiration from an example of Japanese mail in the the Royal Armouries collection, Anjo have produced this stunning Japanese Weave Collar Necklace. This collar necklace has been hand made out of an intricate system of stainless steel rings that lead up to a toggle fastening at the back. The mail pattern used for this necklace translates effectively to a feminine piece of jewellery, which is unusual considering the original use of mail and its masculine connotations.

The pattern used is a traditional Japanese mail (gusari) pattern called 'Asanoha gusari' or Japanese 6-in-1. 'Asanoha' refers to a traditional abstract pattern used throughout Japanese history which is built up of overlapping hemp leaves (Asa = hemp: no = of: ha = leaf).

As all of this jewellery is hand crafted, it is possible that each piece will vary slightly. However, it can be guaranteed that every piece will have a high quality finish; due to the great length of time required to produce mail.

Mail is believed to have been in use before the 5th century by the Etruscans and Romans before appearing, in various forms, all over the world. Is it often called 'chain mail' in the modern day, however, this is inaccurate as both words mean the same. Mail is made using a range of materials, mainly iron and steel, which is forced trough small holes to produce wire before being wrapped around a rod to create the links.

Anjo designs are a husband and wife partnership based on the Wirral who combine the traditional methods of mail with modern designs to create bespoke jewellery. Everything they produce is hand crafted with precision, taking reference from historic mail and traditional techniques. This is an exclusive piece made by Anjo for the Royal Armouries and is inspired by our collection.

Combined with the other mail jewellery pieces from Anjo's Royal Armouries collection, especially the Japanese weave bracelet, this becomes a one-of-a-kind jewellery set with great historical context.


Anjo Designs
Length: 45, Width: 2cm
Stainless Steel
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Handmade in the UK and approved by Royal Armouries curators.