Robin Hood Replica Dagger

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Based on the ‘Locksley Sword’ from the Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves Film, this is a highly ornate display dagger for fans and supporters of the heroic outlaw.

This beautiful dagger measures a total of 43cm in length, with a 27.5cm stainless steel blade, and is complete with a decorated leather effect sheath. Much like the replica sword, the hilt of this ornamental dagger is teeming with baroque gold patterns etched into the crossguard and jewelled pommel.

Robin Hood is a legendary outlaw-turned-hero who stole from the rich to give to the poor with his partner in crime, Little John. Though there are many tales surrounding the Robin Hood legend, which all differ slightly, it is said that his main rivals were the Sherriff of Nottinghamshire and Prince John, who was ruling England in the absence of his brother, Richard Lionheart, who was away leading the Third Crusade.

The final resting place of Robin Hood is believed to be In Kirklees Priory, West Yorkshire. Legend has it that Robin determined his own burial place by firing a single arrow from his death bed with the help of his trusty companion, Little John.


  • Please note that these weapons are blunt and are designed for display purposes only
  • Please be aware that under UK law you must be aged 18 or over to purchase any of our replica swords, daggers or letter openers


Robin Hood Replica Dagger

Robin Hood Replica Dagger with Decorated Leather Effect Sheath

Hilt of Robin Hood Replica Dagger

Jewelled Pommel of Robin Hood Replica Dagger


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Stainless Steel