English Civil War Cavalry Helmet Replica – Royal Armouries Collection

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Take a part of the Royal Armouries home with you with this English Civil War Helmet.

From our collection of Royal Armouries replicas this remarkable reproduction has been given the seal of approval by our expert curators.

Based on a helmet from the Tower Arsenal which is on display at the Royal Armouries in Leeds (IV.547). This type of helmet, or 'pot', typically fitted with a triple bar face guard, was worn by both Roundheads and Cavaliers during the English Civil War.

This example is one of very few pieces of English munition armour that can be dated to the civil war period, as it is stamped with the combined mark of armourers Rafe Boulter and Sylvester Keene, whose partnership broke up in 1648.

This ornamental replica pot is impressively accurate, capturing the details, dimensions and materials of the originals beautifully with an incredible attention to detail making it the perfect collector's item for any Civil War enthusiast to display proudly.


Royal Armouries
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This item does not come complete with liner and is for ornamental use only.