Gothic Sallet Helmet

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This is a steel replica of the Gothic Sallet Helmet, measuring 24 x 43 x 23 cm, which is ideal for LARP or home furnishing.

This helmet is produced from 16 gauge polished steel and features a fully articulated tail and hinged visor. Inside, the helmet is lined with an adjustable leather spider and the helmet is held in place with a leather chin strap, which is also adjustable.

The Sallet helmet was a popular helmet in parts of Europe during the 15th century. The most defining features of this type of helmet were the outward curve covering the back of the neck and the shortened visor which only covered a small portion of the face.

The Sallet was often associated with gothic-style armour, a popular style of armour in Europe in the 15th century, particularly England and Germany. This style of armour took influence from gothic architecture and art from the period and was considered the leading armour in Europe by 1480.

The Royal Armouries holds many examples of gothic armour and Sallets within its collection, these include; Tilting Sallet ( IV.16 – Leeds) and Sallet (IV.427 – Leeds).


15th Century
Museum Number:
Tilting Sallet ( IV.16 – Leeds) and Sallet (IV.427 – Leeds).
Height: 24cm, Length: 43cm, Width: 23cm
16 Gauge Steel