Children’s Camo Water Bottle in Multi Terrain DPM

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Encourage them to stay hydrated whilst they’re on the go with this 1 litre capacity water bottle, secured in a button fastened camo pouch complete with pocket.

On the rear of this bottle is a strong plastic clip for attaching to belts and bags, making it easy to carry with them on the go, giving them no excuse not to stay hydrated. Complete with a secured screw cap there is no chance of your child’s favourite drink spilling on the go. This water bottle is ideal for everyday use, including pack lunches and days out.

DPM is a type of military camouflage which has been used by the British Armed Forces and former British colonies since the beginning of the 1940s. Over the decades there have been a number of variations of the DPM camouflage. This water bottle is of the 'Multi Terrain' variant.

Also available in the Woodland Variant.


1 Litre Capacity
Additional Notes:
Multi Terrain DPM