Crossbow range


Do you fancy yourself a budding William Tell? Why not have a go on our crossbow range.

Located on the fifth floor of the Royal Armouries museum, Leeds, is our fantastic crossbow range. This is a superb opportunity for all the family to try their hand at firing a real crossbow in a safe and controlled environment... Tally your scores and see who is the crossbow firing champion!

For just £3 per person you will receive eight real bolts to fire at ringed targets. We will provide you with all the necessary safety equipment and one of our museum assistants will instruct you on how the crossbows work - no previous experience required!

Please note:

  • £3 is the fee for one person, if you are booking for a group, please select the quantity to reflect the group size.
  • Tickets must be purchased online the day prior to the day you intend to visit.
  • We have a maximum of eight crossbows available.
  • Children can have a go but will need to be supervised by an adult.
  • You must present your order number on arrival at the crossbow range. - We do not post any additional tickets.

Range Rules:
  • These are real weapons, please respect them.
  • Please listen to your instructor and follow all instructions given.
  • Safety goggles must be worn by all using the crossbows and those assisting children.
  • Please do not fire the crossbow without a loaded bolt.
  • Only those firing the crossbow and those assisting children may stand forward of the line.
  • Anybody deemed to be acting in an unsafe manner will be asked to leave the crossbow range.

How do I return my order?

To initiate the returns process, contact the Royal Armouries retail team using the contact details in the footer of this website. We will then issue you with a returns confirmation number, which we ask you to keep a note of and include with the returned items. Once we have received the returned items, we will begin the refund process, taking into consideration the condition of the returned products.

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