Grand poignard historic wooden toy sword


This wooden replica toy sword is 2/3rd the size of an authentic grand poignard sword and is a highly accurate museum quality representation of a real historic grand poigmard sword.

Designed for use in role play fun this toy sword will inspire your child's imagination and allow then to gain insight into the type of play and games boys traditional enjoyed.

As well has making an excellent toy this historic grand poignard sword is an fantastic tool to help develop your child's interest in learning about history.

Typically used in the Tudor and Stuart period the grand poignard was developed from the medieval arming sword.

Traditional a poignard was worn by gentlemen at all time, with the larger grand poignard sword being used in duels of honour where full armour was not allowed to be worn.

The blade of the poignard is very long and thin and is excellent for delivering a quick thrust that cannot be easily block by an opponent.

This traditional wooden sword has been handmade in Britian by Tymeagain, a family run business and members of the guild of master craftmen.

All the swords in the Tymeagain range are cut from a single piece of solid wood that is always from managed, sustainable forests to ensure the high quality and preservation of the environment.

This grand poignard toy sword has been bathed in raw linseed oil to help persevere the wood and ensure that this toy lasts longer.

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