Enamel Shaving Bowl with Soap – Gentlemen’s Hardware

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Go traditional with your shave with this Gentlemen's Hardware enamel shaving bowl and soap set.

Nautical in appearance, this navy blue and white enamel shaving bowl is embellished with a simple black graphic of a ship sailing on an ocean. The bowl, which measures 11cm in diameter, comes complete with sandalwood scented soap branded with the Gentlemen's Hardware logo. This set is ideal for any gent's bathroom and makes old-school shaving that little more stylish.

Packaged in a hardwearing black and white vintage style presentation box, this shaving bowl will make an ideal gift for your clean shaven gent. Don't stop here, invest in the Gentlemen's Hardware shaving brush and stand for the ultimate gents grooming set.

The Gentleman's hardware range is a modern take on World War One and World War Two official officer's kit. Using this as inspiration, we have curated this, vintage style, collection of essential grooming tools and accessories for the modern day gent.


Gentlemen's Hardware
Official Officer's Kit
11cm Diameter. 5cm Depth.
Packaging Dimensions:
approx.12 x 12 x 6cmcm
Additional Notes:
Sandalwood Scent