English Civil War cavalry helmet half scale – Royal Armouries collection


This English Civil War Half Scale Helmet is part of our fantastic collection of Royal Armouries Replicas. It is highly authentic in its look and feel, but on a smaller scale, taking inspiration from our full size replica. Made of blacked steel, this miniature replica exhibits the iconic barred face guard and long neck protection, and includes a high quality helmet stand.

This replica is based on a helmet from the Tower Arsenal which is on display at the Royal Armouries in Leeds (IV.547). This was the helmet most commonly worn by harquebusiers during the English Civil War. It was often referred to as a 'pot' due to the fact it would typically be fitted with a triple bar face guard. More recently it has been referred to as a 'Lobster Pot' as the neck protection is thought to resemble a lobster's tail. It was worn by both the Roundheads and the Cavaliers during the English Civil War.

The original helmet is struck with a 'BK' mark which signifies this was produced by the armourers Rafe Boulter and Sylvester Keene, who worked in partnership supplying armour to the Tower of London between 1634-1648. There is little munition armour which can be dated to the Civil War, but this stamp provides undisputable proof that the helmet dates from this period.

This is an impressively accurate ornamental collector's item and it allows you to display a miniature version of a piece of the Royal Armouries Collection in your own home!

Dimensions: 16 x 22 x 12cm

Material: Steel

Packaging: Boxed

Additional Notes: Helmet Stand Included

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