Wooden Ballista Model Kit – Royal Armouries

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With this project kit you can construct your own working, wooden, Ballista catapult like the replicas at our Fort Nelson site. These kits have been developed based on original plans, drawings and contemporary accounts from the Royal Armouries achieve. To bring you the most accurate ballista on the market this model kit has been checked by our Royal Armouries curators and given our official kit seal of approval. This ballista kit is a fun and educational project for adults and children, to gain insight into historical siege weaponry.

The Ballista is said to be the first recorded catapult used that was powered by torsion springs; dating back to King Phillip II of Macedonia's sieges of Perinthus and Byzantium in 340BC. It was later developed by the ancient Greeks and the Romans, remaining in use until the introduction of gunpowder artillery during the late middle ages. A working replica of the Ballista can be seen at our Fort Nelson site. Occasionally live firing demonstrations are held but please see information on upcoming events at Fort Nelson here.

We have developed this wooden craft kit with Sheffield based Small Machines who have laser cut each kit from FSC sustainably sourced MDF wood. By purchasing this kit you are not only buying a great piece of history but also supporting responsible forest management all over the world, as well as British manufacturing.

Must not be used by children under the age of 3 years as the pack contains potential choking hazards. Recommended for 8+ years (with supervision). It is also recommended that you do not fire the projectiles at any living thing.

Please Note: These model kits are available for wholesale purchases to business customers; please contact us on shopping@armouries.org.uk for more information

The box contains:

  • Laser cut component parts
  • Glue
  • String
  • 4 Cotton Paper Balls
  • A step by step assembly instruction manual


Age Restrictions:
No children under the age of 3 years. Recommended 8+
Royal Armouries
Length: 30cm, Width 20cm, Height 16cm
Medite - FSC sourced manufacturer board.
Packaging Dimensions:
Additional Notes:
Made in Sheffield, UK using sustainably sourced wood from FSC certified sources. Approved by Royal Armouries Curators.