January 2018 | Writhen Hilt Sword Replica

04 Jan 2018
by Kieran Fish

Writhen Hilt Sword Replica - Product of the Month - Royal Armouries Museum Shop

Each month we will be selecting a product of the month from our exciting range of replicas, books and gifts. The products we sell are inspired by hundreds of years of history and we believe these are stories worth telling. For our first product of the month, we have selected the incredible Writhen Hilt sword replica.

Our Writhen Hilt sword is a wonderfully accurate replica of the original hand-and-a-half sword of German origin, dated circa 1480. It features a gilt-bronze pommel and cross-guard which appears as three twisted rods and a wooden grip that is carved to resemble a Writhen stave also bearing a gilt-bronze collar at its centre. Take a look at the replica

The original sword has been remarkably well preserved, which is a rarity for medieval swords, something that is evident in the condition of the wooden hilt. This is why we have selected this outstanding sword as our product of the month. For a more detailed look at the original Writhen Hilt sword, visit the Royal Armouries Collection online

The outstanding condition of the original has allowed us to produce this detailed and unique replica as part of the Royal Armouries Replica Collection. A specialist collection developed with, and approved by, our expert curators at every step of the design process. The attention to detail given from the initial design to the final production is remarkable, making this the closest you will get to the original. Being so ornate in design, this replica sword will be of great interest to those interested in the artisanship of weaponry.

You can shop the entire Royal Armouries Replica Collection on our online shop. Every purchase you make from the Royal Armouries museum shop helps fund the museum, exhibitions and the important work that we do to conserve and raise access to our collection.

In a recent post for the Royal Armouries Blog, Assistant Curator Scot Hurst traced the fascinating history of the Writhen Hilt sword, from the hands of two of the world’s most prodigious collectors of art and antiques to the silver screen.

The Writhen Hilt sword was owned by two of the world’s most notable collectors of art and antiques: Frederic Spitzer and William Randolph Hearst. The Royal Armouries came to acquire the Writhen Hilt sword in 1952, after Hearst’s death in 1951. Since joining our collection, the sword has also gone on to serve as inspiration for a prop in the film ‘Eragon’ (2006), in which the character Durza (Robert Carlyle) wields a sword with a very similar hilt.