Our Heritage

With the appointment of Nicholas Merbury as master of the King's Ordnance in the early part of the 15th century, the Royal Armouries commenced its role as the standard setter for arms and armour in this country.

From its original home at the Tower of London, the Royal Armouries applied strict quality control on design and production of the materiƩl of war, literally awarding its seal of approval to 'Official Kit'.

Although the history of the Armouries dates back to the Middle Ages, formalisation of the role of Master of Ordnance has echoes into the present day. The objects you see on display form part of the oldest recognised museum, dedicated to excellence in our field. It is an honour and a responsibility we embrace in everything we do.

This pride and heritage extends to the Royal Armouries products, inspired by our collections and our special place in Britain's history. We're still proud to put our seal of approval on them. Est. 1415

Royal Armouries is a charity and every purchase made supports the museum.