15th century great bascinet

15th Century Great Bascinet with hinged visor and bevor proudly made in the UK. Maximum head circumference 26in (66cm).

Our polyurethane armour is well known for its film quality. It has the overwhelming advantages of being lightweight yet very strong, comfortable to wear, semi-flexible.  Fantastic attention to detail while offering the look of real metal, it does not corrode. You will not only look the part but you will be able to easily play the part too, making it the ideal choice for Live Action role Play and Cosplay.

Worn from c.1400, the great bascinet style incorporated a wide bevor or gorget plate designed to protect the chin and throat. In addition, the rear of the skull of the bascinet was extended downwards and overlapped the top of the backplate. This design was enormously successful and remained in use on the battlefield until the middle of the century; afterwhich it was adapted for the tournament.

The Royal Armouries holds many examples of Gothic armour and one particular example we have of a great bacinet in our collection  is the Great bacinet skulI (V.3)

Proudly made in the UK

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