Gobber with Catapult

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High-Flying Playmobil Adventures With “How To Train Your Dragon”

Fire-breathing dragons are soaring through the universe of Playmobil. The tale of a young Viking named Hiccup and his unlikely friendship with a dragon named Toothless has made its way into children's hearts across the world.


Join the most loyal Viking around, Gobber, as he defends Berk with his trusty Catapult. Known for his skills of making dragon-friendly devices, his loyalty to Berk and their fire-breathing friends is no match for any enemy. Thanks to his interchangeable arm attachments, Gobber can sport either a battle axe or a mace. This combined with his functioning catapult give him the ultimate tools for defence. Set also includes boulders and Viking helmet.


The Playmobil Dragons sets will be a “must-play” for all fans of Hiccup, Toothless, and the dragon riders of Berk, allowing them to meet their favourite characters and play out familiar and new adventures in their own playrooms.

Age Range: 4 to 10 years

  • Includes Gobber;
  • Gobbers arm can be changed with different weapons;
  • Includes functional catapult;
  • Encourages learning from interactive play

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