Sting illuminating sword — The Hobbit


Found in the troll's hoard during The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey along with Orcrist and Glamdring, Sting was handed to Bilbo Baggins by Gandalf the Grey. Sting was then passed down from Bilbo to Frodo in the first movie of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring. Although Sting could not be classed as anything more than a short sword by human or elfish standards, (and termed as nothing more than a knife by some), at 22 inches long it is the perfect sized weapon for a hobbit.

This replica has a detailed, die cast metal hilt and a high quality acrylic blade. Just like the real Sting, which was forged by elves in the First Age, this Sting prop replica glows blue whenever orcs or goblins are nearby and even makes realistic sound effects when slicing and thrusting.

Batteries not included.

Age Restrictions: 18 years+

Genre: Fantasy

Dimensions: 55cm in Length

Material: Metal Hilt and Acrylic Blade

Packaging: Boxed

Additional Notes: Comes with a diecast metal wall display plaque

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