Gimli's axe replica — official Lord of the Rings prop replica‏


This accurate replica of the Axe carried by Gimli, the Dwarf, of the Fellowship of the Ring is a must have for all Lord of the Rings enthusiast.

The Gimli Axe has been exquisitely recreated to the highest quality.

This beautiful double head axe is truly a weapon to be admired, as the well balanced twin blades combine deadly function with graceful craftsmanship. Like many dwarves Gimli favours the axe and this powerful double headed battle axe is the perfect weapon for fast action combat, as it can be rapidly swung in both directions.

As with all our replica arms and armour pieces the Gimli Axe has been manufacture to be a display item and as such has blunted edges.The Axe come complete with wall brackets and an official Lord of the Rings prop replica authentication certificate.The ornamental quality of this axe is enhanced by the beautiful pattern detailing on the central antiqued finish brass plated shaft and the triangular cutouts on the weathered finish forged steel blades.

The handle is made from wood and leather and has a high quality feel and is easy to grip.

Please be aware that under UK law you must be aged 18 or over to purchase any of our blades. 

Not completely happy with your product? You can return or exchange unwanted items up to 35 days after purchase. - extended to 61 days during Covid-19 pandemic.

If there is an issue with the product please contact the Royal Armouries online shop customer service team via email at

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