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 E11 blaster

One of the most iconic objects in the Star Wars universe is the E11 Stormtrooper blaster. Originally designed and built by film armourers Bapty and Co the blaster is based on a Sterling Mk.4 sub-machine gun also known as a L2A2.

The Sterling sub machine gun was transformed into a futuristic blaster with a number of modifications, with additions including a WW2 German machine gun sight, black flanged ribs (which were actually plastic drawer runners from B&Q!) and even a photocopier part. The distinctive curved magazine of the ‘Sterling’ was also cut down to hold only a few rounds, altering the well – known silhouette of the weapon and suggesting a ‘power pack’ in place of a conventional magazine.

The Royal Armouries collection holds several excellent examples of the Sterling in our Leeds museum. Even more excitingly, visitors can see one of the actual E11 blasters used in the ‘Star Wars’ films, exhibited in Make: Believe, a brand new display of arms, armour and ephemera from cult and classic movies and television shows.  

 E11 curator

Royal Armouries curator, Jonathan Ferguson, holding the E11 Stormtrooper blaster.


Now you can take home a piece of cinematic history, with your very own E11 blaster. An icon from a galaxy far, far away brought to you by the Royal Armouries and Shepperton Design Studios.

E11 contents

This special edition E11 blaster has all of the features of the blaster used in the film ‘A New Hope’, including castings from a Sterling sub-machine gun as used for the original props. The blaster is made from lightweight, composite metals and the scope, power unit and grip are cast directly from the original. The blaster features great detailing in the internal rifle barrel, barrel vent holes , T –track cooling coils, safety catch, recoil spring, serrated rear sights, targeting sensors and power cylinders, plus removable power pack cartridge.

This remarkable E11 Blaster is personalised with a unique Royal Armouries serial number, and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Shepperton Design Studios and Edward Impey, Director General and Master of the Armouries. It is presented in a special edition laser-cut Perspex display case and mounted on a laser cut, polished acrylic stand which displays the individual serial number. The attention to detail of this authentic replica is outstanding, making it the perfect gift for any Star Wars collector or fan.

 E11 shepperton

The special limited edition E11 Stormtrooper blaster is presented in a display case and mounted on a polished stand w hich displays the exclusive Royal Armouries serial number.



“Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no substitute for a good blaster at your side…”

Han Solo – ‘Star Wars A New Hope’ (1977)



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