Wooden mini European crossbow with bolt


The mini European crossbow has a hard wood stock and a hemp bowstring. With working mechanisms this crossbow can fire up to 10 metre. Although this product can fire, it is intended as a display item and we do not recommend firing at any living thing.

Crossbows are believed to have originated in China as early as 1200 BC and didn't become popular in Europe for another few centuries. The main use for the crossbow is believed to be hunting as it was easier to hold in one hand while on horseback.

At the Royal Armouries we have a large display of European crossbows from all over the continent, with the majority being from Germany and England. This mini crossbow bears a structural resemblance to our eastern European crossbow and visually it resembles the plainer style of the English models.

The stock is made from, dark, hard wood with decorative etchings and measures 33cm in length. With burnished metal features and mechanisms and a wooden bolt with natural grey feather fletching this is an interesting and beautifully crafted display piece for any crossbow admirer.

This is an ornate piece to be able to take home and is guaranteed to be a great feature and conversational piece in any room.

Age Restrictions: 18+

Genre: European

Dimensions: 19cm (Lathe) 33cm (Stock)

Material: Hard wood stock, Hemp bowstring, Burnished metal features, Wooden bolt, Natural feather fins

How do I return my order?

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