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This DVD is part of the Royal Armouries' Arms in Action series that was shown on TV.

BOWS: Wood is naturally flexible and early man used this property to make a weapon - the bow. The earliest wooden bows were the direct ancestors of the longbow, the most significant English weapon of the Middle Ages. For centuries it dominated warfare, but there is much more to the history of the bow than that.

Bows were made from a wide variety of materials and today many bows are sophisticated pieces of engineering. From the bow developed the feared and powerful crossbow.

This film traces the development of European and Eastern bows from their beginnings to the present day and includes footage of the making of wooden and composite bows and a re-enactment of the longbow's most famous victory - the battle of Agincourt.

HUNTING: There are still some subsistence hunters who live on the food they catch and kill, but in the developed world those who still hunt do so now mainly for sport. We humans have hunted throughout our history - for food, for prestige, for pleasure and as training for the rigors of war.

This film tells the story of this human need and desire to hunt from the trapping and chasing of animals for much needed food by early man to the mechanised slaughter of whole species by our much nearer ancestors armed with powerful and accurate guns from which no animal on earth is safe.

Running time 94 mins


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Format: DVD

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