Dark Lord helmet and stand


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Dark Lord Helmet

Originally made for Star Wars: A New Hope, Shepperton Design Studios have created this fully wearable replica of the Dark Lord. As you would expect, it is built to the exacting standards of quality and accuracy of the original helmet used in the film.

Hand made from  composite materials and weighing only 1.6kg (3.5lbs).
Grey acrylic lenses, as per the original
Hand painted detailing
Supplied with square stand and brushed metal plaque
Certificate of Authenticity
A stunning 1:1 replica helmet of the Dark Lord. The helmet is fully wearable and superbly detailed.

These replicas that are the truest representation of the of the on-screen characters produced for the original movie. Extreme lengths are taken to ensure the details are accurate, consequently this helmet is hand made by Andrew Ainsworth and his team at Shepperton Design Studio.

While objects in our collection are usually the source of inspiration for developing arms and armour or replicas and props, the Dark Lord Helmet heavily influenced the black fibreglass helmet worn by the Fedayeen Saddam (men of sacrifice), founded by Saddam Hussain’s son Uday Hussain in 1995 who was a fan of the Star Wars films.

You can see the striking resemblance of this helmet in our Collections Online IV.2059

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