Deluxe children's great helm


This deluxe great helm is the perfect accessory for any child who dreams of being a brave knight.

The Great helm was used in war during the 14th century; it offered great protection, covering the wearer's whole face and head. It was also popular during the Crusades 12th-13th century.

The helm was later replaced as the preferred battle helmet by the pig-faced bascinet, which provided a more flexible defence with easier breathing. However the great helm remained popular for tournament use.

Made from sturdy polyurethane, the toy helmet features an ornate gold coloured cross decoration and breaths (breathing holes) on each check. Burnished gold and silver metal effect makes this kid's helmet look like the real thing.

This fantastic toy replica is an excellent representation of a traditional great helm making it the perfect finishing touch to any medieval fancy dress costume.

The eye slits have been widened on this reproduction so that it is easier for children to see when wearing the helmet.

Dimensions: Height: 28cm, Circumference: 66cm

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