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This English Arming Sword Letter Opener is part of our Royal Armouries Collection. A range of authentic arms and armour replicas which gives our customers the chance to own and display their own little piece of history. From the initial selection to the final prototype the museum's expert curators in armour and edged weapons have been personally involved. These replicas accurately capture the dimensions and materials of the original pieces in our collection, with a huge amount of attention to detail.

Medieval English Arming Swords are rare pieces to find and the site in which this sword was discovered in unknown. Despite that we know it is English in original due to its decoration and that it was produced in the mid-13th Century. The cross guard depicts mythical creatures including a Gryphon and Wyvern. It also, and importantly, depicts Babewyns, these are grotesque gargoyles with no bodies but a head and tiny legs, often used in architecture. Similar Babewyns to those on this sword are found in contemporary English manuscript illustrations.

This stunning replica comes in an attractive black Royal Armouries presentation box, to display your sword in the best possible way. It is also easily removable so can be used perfectly as a letter opener or paper knife.

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Museum Number: IX: 5614

Material: Metal

Packaging: Boxed



Total Length: 20.5cm

Blade Length: 16.5cm

Cross-Guard Width: 4cm

Blade Width (Base): 1.26cm

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