European chain mail bracelet


Using stainless steel rings, Anjo have adopted traditional mail armour construction techniques to produce this unique, 19cm long, European Mail Bracelet. The 4-in-1 European mail pattern that has been used for this bracelet forms a complex and dazzling system of rings that lends itself beautifully to modern jewellery. Fastening by a slide-lock clasp, the bracelet is very quick and easy to add to your outfit.

Being handmade, it is possible that each item could differ slightly to the one pictured, however, it is important to note that each piece is produced using the same methods. Due to the time and care needed to produce mail, you can be assured that this bracelet is a fascinating piece of jewellery with a high quality finish.

The inspiration for the mail technique used for this bracelet comes from the European Armour that we have here at the Leeds museum. The 4-in-1 mail pattern, which means each link has four other adjoining links, can be found on a number of items in the collection, such as; mail shirts and the Bishop's Mantle.

Mail, or as it is often incorrectly named 'chain mail', is a type of metal armour used throughout history by many cultures. It is believed that it was in use as early as the 5th Century. It was traditionally made from a range of different materials but mostly iron and steel. The metal would be forced through small holes to form the wire before being wrapped round a rod and cut to produce the individual metal rings. Production of the links would be done by the workshop's apprentices however the final stages of assembly would be done by the, skilled, master craftsman.

Anjo Designs are a husband and wife partnership based on the Wirral who combine the traditional methods of mail with modern designs to create bespoke jewellery. Everything they produce is hand crafted with precision, taking reference from historic mail and traditional techniques.

This bracelet is a striking accessory alone, however, matched with our other European mail jewellery, including the Bishop's Mantle Collar, this becomes part of a beautiful and truly one-of-a-kind set.


Materials: Stainless steel

Dimensions: 21 cm long. 1.5 cm wide

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