Glamdring collector edition sword — The Hobbit prop replica‏


Found in a troll hoard along with Sting and Orcrist, Glamdring is an Elvish blade sword.

Also nickname 'Beater' by the goblins of the Misty Mountains Glamdring is the sword of Gandalf.

The Glamdring Collector Edition Sword is a full sized prop replica measuring 47 inches in length.

This is a painstakingly crafted and beautifully designed sword that look highly impressive when displayed on the wall.

The effect is enhanced by the included die-cast metal, with royal blue inlay, wall display plaque that sits behind Glamdring's hilt; while the ring on the back of display plaque makes it incredibly easy to hang this sword on the wall.

The sword is made from stainless steel and has a soft blue leather wrapped hilt.

The curved cross guard features a central clear blue stone and has a Cirith runes inscription.

This highly desirable Collector Edition movie prop replica is an absolute must have for any Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey weapons aficionados.

The Glamdring Collector Edition Sword is a highly accurate reproduction, and can be compared to the genuine artist proof sword of Gandalf from the film by all those who visit our Leeds museum where the Hobbit swords are currently on display.

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