Henry VIII tournament helmet replica — Royal Armouries collection


Approved by our expert curators, this exclusive Henry VIII Tournament Helmet is from our new collection of official Royal Armouries replicas.

Likely to be the earliest surviving product of Henry VIII's 'Almain' armourers, this helmet is part of the Henry VIII foot combat armour made for the Field of Cloth of Gold Tournament by master armourer Martin Van Royne.

Although it was intended to be worn at the Field of Cloth of Gold in 1520, just three months before the tournament was due to begin when this new armour was still black from the hammer, the armour specification for foot combat was changed. The armour was therefore abandoned and left unpolished until centuries later.

This close helmet was one of the earliest designed to turn on the collar in order to prevent neck injuries from heavy blows while still allowing some peripheral vision.

Well-formed, with close attention to detail, this exceptional reproduction has captured the original quality and design of the helmet giving you the opportunity to enjoy the object 'at first hand'.

This collector's item is the perfect gift or souvenir for arms and armour aficionados who want to take home something truly unique.

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