Japanese chain mail weave bracelet


This is a beautiful bracelet with great historical context that has been inspired by the Royal Armouries collection. The Japanese weave bracelet has been hand crafted by Anjo designs using nearly 500 tiny stainless steel rings to form this intricate and traditional Japanese mail weave pattern. The bracelet fastens using a slide lock clasp, which not only looks great but allows for easy fastening; even for those with limited dexterity. The complexity of mail makes it a really striking and classic fashion accessory, guaranteed to grab the attention of others.

The pattern used for this bracelet is called 'Seiro gusari' which is very similar to the most common pattern in Japanese mail; 'So gusari' (4-in-1). Instead of the single links used for So gusari, the links for Seiro gusari are made from multiple turns to make the mail stronger; effectively doubling up on all the links. 
It is possible, due to this jewellery being handmade, that each piece will vary slightly in appearance. As the production of mail is such an intricate and time consuming process, you can be assured that each item of jewellery will have had great time and care spent on producing it.

The definition of 'mail' is actually 'chain', which is why it is considered inaccurate and unnecessary to refer to it as 'chain mail'. 'Mail' itself originally comes from the French word 'Maille' which can be traced back to the Latin 'macula' meaning 'mesh of a net'. The main use for mail was to stop the wearer from being cut but it unfortunately did nothing to protect from the impact of a weapon. The Japanese, who are known for their innovation, are said to have developed more varieties of mail than the rest of the world put together.

Anjo designs are a husband and wife partnership based on the Wirral who combine the traditional methods of mail with modern designs to create bespoke jewellery. Everything they produce is hand crafted with precision, taking reference from historic mail and traditional techniques. This is an exclusive piece made by Anjo for the Royal Armouries and is inspired by our collection.

This bracelet would be perfectly matched with our other mail jewellery pieces, especially the Japanese Weave necklace. Turn this bracelet into a truly unique and one-of-a-kind set.


Materials: Stainless steel      

Dimensions: 19.5 cm long, 1.5 cm wide

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