Knights Templar sword letter opener


A strong and weighty Knights Templar mini sword replica.

This solid stainless steel blade is etched on the fuller with representations of religious figures. This replica has a chunky stainless steel cross-guard with black lettering which reads 'In nomine Domini', Latin for 'In the name of the Lord'. The rest of the hilt is made up of a textured black grip that leads on to an octagon shaped pommel baring the red cross seal of the Knights Templar.

The Templar or as it's more commonly known, 'Knights Templar', was a religious military order of knighthood which was founded during the Crusades. The original purpose of the Templar, which was mostly made up of English and French soldiers, was to guard and protect Christians on their pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The Templar soon became a very wealthy order as they were gifted lordships, castles and estates from various noble families in Europe. By the mid-12th Century they owned properties all over the world including; Europe, the Mediterranean and the Holy Land.

Sold in the original box, this paper knife would make an excellent gift for a European history buff or admirer of historic weaponry. Please also see our range of letter opener stands that would transfer this product into an eye catching display piece.

Please note that the Knights Templar Letter Opener does not come with a stand. Paper knife stands can be purchased separately. Please see our mini sword stand listings to see if your blade is compatible.

Age Restrictions: 18+

Dimensions: Length: 27.5cm, Width: 6.5cm

Material: Stainless Steel

Packaging: Boxed

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