Lombard flintlock pistol XVII century — 307


This pistol is a replica of a Lombard flintlock pistol used near the end of the XVII Century, and is often associated with the arquebusier Carlo Ferne.

With a two-orders barrel worked in relief and an octagonal pommel, this is a true collectors piece.

The intricacy and quality is evident, and can be seen on its enlarged muzzle. On the butt of the pistol there is gorgeous decoration, and the equipment is in golden cast metal.

At 38cm in length, this is a life-sized reproduction and feels reassuringly weighty to hold.

Even though the materials used in this piece make it unusable in real firearms, when pulled the trigger still makes a satisfying "click" sound. Therefore it would be perfect to use in a reinactment or stage show.

The pistol comes in original packaging, and with an information booklet that gives a brief explanation of pistols and the impact they had in the 17th and 18th c entury.

Working Mechanism but not fireable.

This is just one of our iconic pistol replicas available in store or online.

Please note that due to restrictions imposed by our couriers we are unable to send these replicas outside the U.K.

Genre: 17th Century

Packaging Dimensions: Approx. 39cm x 11cm x 5.5cm




Does it produce smoke or fire caps?

Our selection of Flintlock pistols do not produce smoke or fire caps.


Does the trigger pull and cock?

Yes the trigger does pull back and cocks.


Is it possible to put orange tips in for use in public for a convention?

There's no requirement for orange muzzles in the UK, and no legal restriction on realistic imitation firearms of a pre-1870 design. Whilst anything resembling a firearm might be deemed a realistic imitation firearm by police if carried in public without good reason, we can't see why a convention or other event wouldn't qualify as good reason. As this should be taking place on private property for one thing, and participants will have a) costumes and b) tickets for the event, demonstrating said good reason.

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