Mail and Plate Armour - Slings & Spears - Royal Armouries DVD


This DVD is part of the Royal Armouries' Arms in Action series that was shown on TV.

MAIL AND PLATE ARMOUR: Whether hunting animals that were much more powerful or fighting with other men, man soon learnt that it was a good idea to have some sort of protection over his body, which offered resistance to attack. The furs and skins of animals gave some protection against claws, teeth and weapons.

When tribal conflict turned into organised warfare between the more sophisticated societies the age of armour dawned. Since then the armourer has tried to do the impossible and provide an effective defence against a whole variety of weapons. But what forms of armour have proved the most effective and most enduring? What are their special properties and what are their limitations?

SLINGS AND SPEARS: When man first picked up a stick or stone and threw it at a threatening animal they became weapons. Slings and spears evolved from these simple objects enabling early man to hunt and kill wild animals for food. Once these primitive weapons existed they could also be used against men - men who grew more numerous and threatening.

What is most surprising is that both slings and spears survive today and have been used in much more modern conflicts. What is it about these seemingly crude weapons that makes them so effective? It is remarkable that they have continued to be used for so long when technology has advanced so much.

Running time 95 mins

Please note, there is no narration on the first section of this DVD, Mail and Plate Armour.


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Format: DVD

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