Pig-face bascinet replica helmet


This pig-faced bascinet helmet is constructed from 18-gauge steel with brass trim and features a removable visor.

The pig-face bascinet appears in the early medieval period in the late 14th century and supersedes the great helm as the battlefield helmet of choice due to its superior flexibility and defensive qualities.

This helmet was designed with a sloping skull and a pointed visor to dispel blows to the head and face, as well as protruding eye slits.

It is this distinctive shape that gives this style of bascinet it iconic name, pig-face; the style is also less commonly referred to as dog-face or hounskull.

As with authentic pig-face bascinets the breathing holes, or breaths as they are technically called, of this reproduction helmet are mostly situated on the right hand side of the visor.

The propensity to place the majority of breaths on the right hand side of the helmet was a result of the desire to protect jousting knights from shards of broken lance penetrating their helmet.

This pig-face bascinet features a removable visor, which allows the wear to wear it without the visor like an infantry solider or archer would have done in the medieval period.

An adjustable premium quality leather spider style liner and chin strap hold the helmet securely to the wearers head.

The pig-face bascinet is an extremely fine example of medieval head protection ingenuity and a variety of examples of this style of helmet can be view in the Royal Armouries collection including the 14th century skull of the bascinet from the tomb of Sir John De Melsa who fought at the battle of Crećy in 1346 and the Lyle bascinet that was presented to the Royal Armouries by Sir Archibald Lyle in memory of his two sons who were both killed during World War I.

As well as making a stunning display piece for the any armour enthusiast's home this reproduction 18-gauge steel pigface bascinet helmet is perfect for historic reinactors or those who enjoy LARP.

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Genre: Medieval

Material: 18 gauge steel with brass trim and leather chin strap

Packaging: Boxed 



Height: 26cm

Length: 35cm

Width: 18cm

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