Roman legionnaire’s helmet


The army of the Roman Empire was one of the most efficient and deadly military forces of the ancient world. Conquering everywhere from North Africa through much of central Europe and to Britain. The relentless army marched on and at its core was the Legionnaire.

A well trained and armed fighting force, armed with his trusty 'gladius' and wearing his 'lorica segmantata', the helmet ensured that a legionnaire kept his head well protected.

The helmet or 'galea' underwent a number of changes in design before it arrived at the design replicated here by Deepaka.

This style of helmet is modelled after the Gallic G style. It has a sloping neck guard to prevent decapitation by errant Gallic tribes.

Made from 18 gauge steel and modelled closely on surviving examples this highly detailed replica is a real must for the fan of ancient Rome.

The helmet comes with a padded cap on the inside so it is possible to wear and get a feeling for what it was like to wear the helmet of one of the most successful armies of the ancient world.

Stand not included; This helmet can be used in conjunction with our display stands available on our website.

Genre: Roman

Additional Notes: Padded cap included

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