Square face mail armour coif


This mail armour was worn on the head to offer protection either with or without a helmet. A square face coif made of butted zinc plated steel, the mail is constructed of wire with the inner ring diameter at 8mm.


  • The armours we sell are not designed to offer any protection and should not be used for re-enactment or other combat activities.

Genre: Viking

Additional Notes: One size: 9.5mm Ring Internal Diameter, 16 Gauge Wire.

How do I return my order?

To initiate the returns process, contact the Royal Armouries retail team using the contact details in the footer of this website. We will then issue you with a returns confirmation number, which we ask you to keep a note of and include with the returned items. Once we have received the returned items, we will begin the refund process, taking into consideration the condition of the returned products.

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