Wooden Excalibur champions sword replica


A true champion's sword, historically men who wielded weapons like this one were knights and noble lords fighting against the enemies of their leaders.

These broadswords were traditionally believed to have magical powers due to the success of the men who wielded them.

Story tellers spoke tales of past noble men who wielded these wonderful weapons, like King Arthur and his infamous 'Excalibur'. A legendary blade surrounded by myth and mystery.

This beautiful wooden replica has been handcrafted by Tymeagain artisans in Wilshire, England.

Made from solid oak which has been sourced from sustainable plantations, these swords are bathed in linseed oil and left to air dry for several days guaranteeing a stunning high quality outcome.

Complete with a unique rope hand guard to protect against splintering these replica weapons are a truly one of a kind gift with a real story.

These beautifully crafted swords not only make entertaining toys but they also offer fantastic educational value and can aid in a child's development.

By engaging in active role play games children can benefit from more than just the exercise. Through role play children can learn empathy and social skills; it provides the opportunity to use and develop your child's imagination and dexterity and extends their ability to communicate.


Pommel to Point - 29"

Guard to Point - 22.5"

Pommel to Guard - 6.5"

Age Restrictions: 3 years+

Dimensions: 79cm x 15cm x 2

Material: Oak (Rope grip)

Additional Notes: Not varnished as this prevents wood from breathing making it brittle, so has been oiled with linseed. Future periodic wiping of the wooden parts with a good vegetable oil will nourish and greatly prolong this toys life.

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