Wooden heavy gun-shaped crossbow and bolt


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The unusual design of the Heavy Gun-Shaped Crossbow is what sets it apart from other weapons of its kind. The curvature of the stock is reminiscent of the shape of a rifle, and it is this feature that has earned the model its name. It is believed that this style of crossbow was intended mainly for recreational use, such as target practice.

The stock of this Heavy Gun-Shaped Crossbow is a dark, hard wood, etched with decorative waves and swirl designs. The features and mechanisms are an ornate burnished metal and on the rear of the stock sits an intricate and beautiful polished gold metal plaque, which adds a touch of class. The hemp bowstring that sits over the bolt is capped with leather where it meets the lathe. The bolt for this full sized crossbow is made from a dark wood and has a metal tip; much more heavy duty than those that come with the mini-crossbow range.

Although this reproduction crossbow can fire up to 20 metres, it is intended as an ornate display item only, and should never be fired at any living thing. This crossbow would make a great gift for anyone with an interest in historic weaponry.

At the Royal Armouries we have a large collection of crossbows in our Hunting and Oriental galleries. The Crossbow is believed to have originated in China as early as 1200BC, eventually making its way to Europe centuries later. Hunting is said to have been the Crossbow's primary function, as it was easier to use whilst on horseback, though its use in warfare is not unheard of. This particular type of crossbow is likely to have been in use during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

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Age Restrictions: 18+

Genre: 17th Century

Dimensions: 50cm (Lathe) 82cm (Stock)

Material: Hard wood stock, hemp bowstring, burnished metal features, wooden bolt, natural feather fins

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